Alright! we’re going to launch the first real TTU post. Ultimately this’ll end up in the Homefront section – but I’ve got some more learning and sitecrafting to do. Seems appropriate. Here’s the skinny – my wife and I (and our dog, Stretch….we don’t talk about or include the SheCat) bought our house last year. The couple who sold us the house also owned the lot next door. Like a bonehead, I didn’t buy the lot with the house because I didn’t think we could afford it. I was wrong, naturally. We wrung our hands and bit our nails for a year, hoping no one would come snatch it up. Much to our delight, no one did. After some spirited negotiation and a few paperwork headaches, we own the land. No Johnny Meth-Lab moving in next door. Now, it’s one of the biggest inland lots in the section of our neighborhood. I’m very proud of that and look forward to really creating a growing place.


There’s always a ‘but.’ There’s a considerable amount of work to be done. There was a poured concrete slab, a bunch of access issues, palm trees, the ground is horribly unlevel, and there is a workshop sitting on the property. Here are some pictures:

Back CornerAccess ViewView from my lotRoad View


As you can see, I wasn’t exaggerating. Steps are going to be –

– Clear the access (I hate azaelas)

– Cut down a few trees and clear limbs

– Pull out ALL the palm trees

– Move the shop

– Till up the ground and put down some grass seed

– Fence it in for Stretch.

Stand by, more to follow.


Still Here..

Okay, so between ‘Day 1’ and ‘Day 2,’ there’s been some considerable lag. No matter. The site has a new look and a new name. Too Tall Unlimited is a family organization name that we’ll explore as things evolve. But, it’s a good umbrella under which I’ll be operating. The motto is still the same and we’re still hard charging. So, what’s new?

– New site layout and new sections

– Better breakout of the site’s purpose

– More updates and more (read: some) pictures.

Over the next week, I plan to do a lot more updating and a lot more posting in my categories. There have been a LOT of ups and downs and changes in the last couple of months, and there’s a lot to talk about. Hopefully I’ll manage the time right nad get some quality updates to the site. It’s going to be a fun, busy winter with a lot of planning on a lot of fronts. We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure the ‘stock’ photography I used in the header and background is noticable. I plan to get some legitimate personal photos up, but I want something that really says, ‘hey, this is what TTU is all about.’ When I find it, or when I take it, it’ll hit the site ASAP.

Upcoming posts should be:

– Home land improvement in the Homefront section

– Home hunting equipment setup in the Outdoors section

Stay tuned!

Day 1!

Well –

It’s been a few days, and I’m working steadily on the site. It’ll be a slow process as I learn WP and get things set up how I want them. Work, training, and the weather have all played merry hell with my schedule. But, no matter! Still making time to get on the blog and try to learn something. It’s a choice, after all, and a good one. There’s nothing like published accountability to increase determination. By the end of the week, I aim to get my first substantive post up and running. Subject matter is yet to be determined, but it will probably be something related to physical training, diet, and/or fishing/diving. Exciting, I know. It will, however, tie in to the themes of FE. Exciting days to come, folks!

Howdy all,

This’ll be my first blog and my first attempt to keep it going (that follows, logically). So, there will be some delays in making it look good and keeping it up to speed as I get on the learning curve. Hopefully, I’ll see everyone who stops by back at least once!